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We started Mammoth Guitars in 2002 with the desire to build custom electric guitars without the costly custom shop price. Our goal is simple, build great guitars for the people who play them. All of our guitars are hand made in the USA. We offer competitive pricing and direct sales to the player.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about any of our guitars, this site or Mammoth Guitars the company.

Our preferred payment method is PayPal. By using PayPal your credit information remains secure and confidential.

Today's guitar business is filled with companies that manufacture in foreign markets to provide low cost guitars but in many cases these guitars are low quality instruments. We strive to use domestic companies and parts to produce high quality guitars hand made in the USA.

Luthiers and small guitar shops come to us for guitar body blanks to eliminate steps and the costly machinery. We have great prices and excellent quality on our precision built guitar body blanks. We are often contacted by South American and Chinese companies trying to sell us their body blanks for resale here on our site, however we turn them away because we realize how important it is to hand select the wood and provide a precision built body blank.

It is very important to all of us at Mammoth that the customer be satisfied with the products we sell. We take the time to explain options and discuss what works well and not so well in guitar building. You can always expect a response from us even on weekends because your time, just like ours, is very important.

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